First Crossfit Open workout! 15.1

On Friday I did my very first Crossfit Open workout,  It was very fun and surprisingly different from a regular workout. The gym was packed with fellow athletes, coaches, and judges. It was very official as they discusses rules, standards, etc. I was nervous for some reason… the same way I am before a race. I have not change of winning (not downing myself, its just the truth) but want to do my best.

Every athlete has their own certified judge to count the number of reps and also make sure your reps COUNT… they have to be a certain standard… no cheating on form!  Since I typically suffer from “performance anxiety” the fact of someone specifically watching ME was a but unnerving!.

The workouts are posted every Thursday night at 8:00PM. At that point the fun begins… as usual, I wanted to be prepared. I made sure to watch the instructional videos posted by Crossfit several times. Then searched the internet for tips. There are a couple of websites that gather tips and tricks from Crossfit pros on the best ways to tackle these workouts… warm-ups, strategy, etc. I had my plan ready to go!

The official workout – 15.1

Workout 15.1

9-minute AMRAP:
15 toes-to-bars (scaled = knee ups)
10 deadlifts
5 snatches
  (M 115 lb. /  F 75 lb.)  (scaled for F = 55lb)

Workout 15.1a

1-rep-max clean and jerk

  6-minute time cap

I did the scaled version – thankfully the introduced scaled class this year. I would not have been able to complete if they didn’t. They specify the specifics about what the scaled version is so there are still standards.

For 15.1 I ended up with 156 reps total as my score.   I wanted to keep a steady pace that I could maintain and wanted to not get a “no rep” called (meaning I didn’t perform the movement correctly). The knee ups really started to get to me… my hands were so sore from the bar. I started doing 5 at a time and taking a rest, but towards the end I could only do about 3 without stopping and shaking out my hands and forearms.  I did get called “no rep” a couple of times as I didn’t get my knees up past my waist.

Post workout thoughts: I really wish I had tried to go a bit faster. I think I paced myself too much.

15.1a – the second part of the workout was to get a one-rep-max on the clean and jerk. I love this move and was hoping to at least get to my PR weight of 105lb (hoping for higher), but after doing the first part my hands and forearms were SO TIRED!.   it was all I could do to get that bar up. I ended out maxing at 100lbs.

I went in the first heat of four. It was fun spending a couple of hours cheering on my friends. We have some amazingly strong people at our gym.

Looking forward to 15.2…

I plan to do the same prep after the workout is posted – it was very helpful to get my mind prepared.

We have a tough week of workouts leading up to Friday so I need to make sure I am doing my stretching and mobility daily and eating really well.

Post Whole 30

I just realized I never followed up after day 21. This Whole 30 was excellent. I followed it 100% and felt great the entire time. My workouts were great and energy high. I felt stronger.

For the past two weeks I have been adding back in some foods that I eliminated. Sadly, it doesn’t take much to feel the effects. I for the past three weekends I have had cocktails on Friday or/and Saturday night… I can definitely tell a difference in my sleep and energy level the next couple of days after. I do enjoy having cocktails, but they are really not worth the bad feelings after… and, I am just talking about 2-3 drinks… NOT getting drunk.  I will need to limit this to special occasions.

Dairy. I love good butter and cheese and always thought I tolerated it fine. I don’t just straight up drink milk or anything, but do like cooking with butter and having nice cheese and crackers. This past week I have cooked with it a few times more than normal. Everything was so good – butternut squash and goat cheese lasagna (gluten free), goat cheese omelet (can’t let that expensive goat cheese go to waste!), also went out for Mexican food (cheese enchilada anyone?), pizza….  yum.

After two weeks of adding this stuff in I was fatigued and hurting. I can’t help but to thing they are related. Last week I decided to take some time off from my workouts.  My joints hurt like they were over the holidays. I forgot the pain I was in. My feet, hips and hands hurt… and now my neck.

I have been working out very hard since the beginning of the year… 5 times a week for the past 7 weeks, and 2-3 runs a week. I will say that I was ready for a down week.  When I was strictly endurance training there were cut-back weeks built into the program. Maybe there are in Crossfit, but I don’t feel it.  Plus, I have not been doing my mobility/stretching work like I keep telling myself I need to do! I have the knowledge and the tools… I just have to do it. This was one of my big goals for this year and I can’t seem to be consistent.

With this mobility stuff I am just going to take it one day at a time… goal… do at least 10 minutes a day. They do not even have to be all at once!  DO THE MOVES!

Day 21

What a great week! For the first time in over a year I feel like I am back to where I need to be to start making real progress.

This week I did 5 Crossfit workouts, 3 runs, and mobility daily.  I feel strong and because i am fueling and hydrating smartly I am not really having a ton of soreness.

Today my training planned called for a two mile time trial. After last week’s 10:34 mile I knew the two miles would be a bit slower… I wanted to finish in less than 23 minutes. After a 10 minute warm-up of drills and walking I ran. I set a decent pace I could maintain. Although this is a “time trial” I technically should have gone all out… but since I have not been running, but goal was just to RUN for 2 miles without stopping. Since I had not run 2 miles in awhile I wanted to take a conservative pace. I used my Garmin watch, but hid the screen so I could not see what pace I was running. I wanted to run by feel and be steady.

Yesterday I bought new shoes and also tried out using a metatarsal lift/pad under my right foot. After about 1.25 miles my foot started to bother me a bit. I slowed my pace to try to move my foot around in my shoe a bit. I worked out a bit of a cramp and kept going.  My legs and breathing felt good. I really think I could have gone longer, which is good news!  I ended up running the two miles in 23:17… a bit off from what I wanted, but still ok.   At least now I know what I need to do over the next 9 weeks… I need to train faster!

My goal for the 5K is to finish less than 33:00 minutes… that means about a 10:30 pace.  I have to drop my pace by a mile per minute between now and 3/21!

Day 19

Today is Day 19 of my Whole 30. I have never felt better! Makes me wonder why I should go back to eating and drinking like I was. My Crossfit workouts are better and my running is off to a great start. I have been totally focused and 100% compliant and, after getting through the first week, have not missed a thing… not really. I still have some lingering feelings of “habits” that need to be fulfilled… like getting some wine on Friday nights, or weekends.  But that is more because I have done that for so long. I am not saying I will never have wine or cocktails again, but I think I definitely will not make them a habit anymore.  I feel good in the mornings and my body is happy without it.

Since day one I have been journaling… something I have never done consistently. I think it helps clear the cobwebs of whatever is lingering in my brain. Sometimes I have so many random thoughts going on that my brain feels a bit noisey. IN the mornings I get dump it all out and I feel clear headed. Most of it is nonsense anyways just getting in the way.

The past week I have added meditation in daily. I got an app that allows me to set a timer for a reminder and a timer for the meditation. I found that I can just sit quietly and focus on my breath for on,y about 3-5 minutes, but it is a start.

I bought another meditation program that I am still trying to work into my routine. It is supposed to help you get into a deeper mediation for about 30 minutes. I have done it about 5 times consistently – you are supposed to do it everyday, but I find a hard time finding an extra 30 minutes.  Not that I am so terribly busy but sometimes I just want to surf the web or watch TV. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that:)

It is Friday today so that means the weekend is once again upon me… I do not foresee any social challenges. It should be a good, relaxing weekend. And, I get to do my 2 mile time trial… it has been a long time since I have run 2 miles without walking, but that is my goal.


Time Trial

This week I started getting back into the running routine. In order to achieve my 5K goal I will be running at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays and one day on the weekend. The plan is 10 weeks long and officially starts this coming week. In order to benchmark my progress I decided to do a one mile time trail. My goal today was NO WALKING… that’s it. I really didn’t strive for any particular pace.

In keeping with the CFE program I did a fair amount of drills. I walked for a warm-up then did some skipping, leaning, mutt kicks, etc. I also did some cadence work, which is always helpful. When I was training for the triathlons cadence was key… your cycling cadence and running cadence should flow. I also learned that a quicker cadence meant a bit more speed for me.

I am pleased with a 10:34 time. This is the pace that I ran my first half marathon… a pace that I like and I used to be able to maintain. Right now my focus will not be gaining speed, just endurance. I want to finish the 5K without walking in 33 minutes or less.  My 5K PR is 27:something… and that was in a sprint triathlon with my coach really pushing me. That took a lot of hard work and I am proud of it. Maybe that will be another goal in the future… but right now it is not.

Tomorrow I am going to focus on mobility. I NEED to do this daily… I always have the best intentions but it seems like I always run out of time. I know my body will be happier if I do it!

Actions Taken!

After setting the goals the other day I immediately started taken action.. that’s what its all about, right? When I was most successful in the past I was on a pretty strict schedule about what I did and when. To achieve my goals over the next three months I will have to be focused.

Morning – awake about 30 minutes earlier than usual to do the “morning routine”. This is adopted from Mark Divine at Seal Fit. He has some really great stuff about meditation and mental strength that I have been reading about for awhile but never acting on.
– 5 minutes breath awareness
– journal about goals… what am I planning on doing today to get me closer to my goals, what do I have to do today to ensure that I am on track, etc. Gratitude.
– 10 minutes of light movement – yoga, mobility, etc.
– 5 min visualization

Get ready for work, eat

mid morning – 5 minutes meditate
coffee, snack

Lunch – 11:30
Tues and Thursday will be running. I will follow the Crossfit Endurance 5K plan from Brian Mackenzie’s new book “Unbreakable Runner”. I am going to do the best I can with this. Towards the end of the 10 week training plan the workouts get a bit long and I only have an hour for lunch. I will adapt as needed.
The other days of the week I can do what I want…

MId afternoon
NO more coffee…this is a habit I have to break. Instead I will have herbal tea, which I really like.

4:30 – pre workout snack

5:30 Crossfit workouts Monday – Thursday
In addition to what the posted workouts are I will practice double-unders daily
Hopefully deadlifts will stay in the rotation so I can continue to work on that goal without doing anything extra on another day. I feel like I am just getting the hang of this lift.

7:00 – dinner, clean kitchen, shower, relax (check social media, etc)

8:30 – social media off…blog and read BOOKS. I found a fun reading challenge that I am going to work on this year

9:00 – hot tea

9:30 – quiet and deep meditation. I bought a meditation program and you are supposed to do it 30 minutes per day and they say preferably not at night, but I don’t really know when I would just sit for 30 minutes any other time. I will have to work on fitting this in somewhere, but I am going to follow it.

10:00 – in bed

Goals are set!

I have been putting a lot of thought into some goals for the year and decided just to focus on a few to begin with then reevaluate in April.

From today through March 31st:

Performance Goals:

Run a 5K – 33 minutes or less on March 21st

Get 20 unbroken, fluid double-unders

One rep max 200 lb deadlift

One rep max 200 lb back squat

Health Goals:

January – eat 100% Whole 30, February and March eat Whole 30 with the exception of one spurge per month, if desired

Fit comfortably in my marathon shorts (right now they are tight…these are my benchmark for fat loss as I will not be weighing myself)

Reduce “stress” – while I do not have a huge amount of daily stress I do tend to get overly anxious about things at times. I am going to add in daily meditation. I am going to wake up earlier than usual to do at least 15 minutes of meditation.

Right now I do not have anything particular in mind for a “big” goal for the whole year. I need to make some weightloss progress between now and March. I took 2014 off from the constant stress of trying to be smaller and learned to be comfortable with myself and try some new things. I think I needed to totally change my mindset if I am going to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe it worked and I am ready to finish what I started!

December Challenge

December is going to be an interesting month. My whole routine is going to change… I am working from home and watching the grandbaby. I am so happy and exited that I get to do this, but I have been a little concerned about my routine. I like routine… I pretty much do things at the same time and in the same sequence everyday. I am not sure if that is good or makes me like Sheldon on The Big Bang, but it is what it is. I don’t get bothered too much when my routine doesn’t go as planned, but this is a whole month.

So , we are on day three… I think we are figuring each other out and things will be fine. I decided to start work extra early (around 5:30AM) to get work done before she gets here. Today it worked out perfectly.. so hopefully it stays that way.

The only thing that has been nagging at me is my workout schedule. My Crossfit gym is 30 minutes away. It is in a perfect location when I go to the office… not so much from home.  My options were to go down there at 5-6AM or 6:30 PM. Neither appealing. I did the 6:30PM class Monday and it was tough to get home at 8:00 at night. Tuesday I was too tired to go out. I batted around the idea of going to a closer Crossfit gym for the month, but it still means getting up early and rushing back (and losing out on that work time) or again, a later class. I could have made a 5:30 work, but it would have taken coordination to get baby back to her momma. One more thing to think about after a busy and tiring day.

Luckily, I have a beautiful home gym that we have built over the years. Plus, I have ordered myself two new additions – a 35lb barbell and a smaller box jump.

So, for the next month I will go to the gym when I can, but on the days I can’t I will either do the same workout that was posted or do another workout.

Today the posted workout was running, overhead squats and muscle ups… I cant do any of these things here so.. I picked something elseL


400 meter run ( I rowed 500 meters)

21 kettlebell swings – 35lbs

12 pull-ups (I did jumping pull-ups)

3 rounds for time  ( 13:20)

I also did a great warm-up and mobility afterwards. When I get my barbell I will also do the heavy lifts.


I read an article where super-strong lifter and coach, Diane Fu, describes what PROGRESS means to her. What is better?

I used to define progress as getting smaller. I never felt like I accomplished anything unless I was losing weight. I WANTED to define it by getting faster or running stronger, but at the end of the day it was all about the scale.

Progress has now changed.

What a relief.

Now I care about how hard I have worked. Did I give it my all? Did I have a positive attitude or doubt myself? Some days are better than others and I recognize them completely. Have I supported my fellow athletes or felt in competition? Now that John is doing Crossfit too I often feel like I have to “compete: with him about how hard my workouts are… how much I lifted. Instead, I should be proud of the work I have done and supportive and proud of the work he has done. We are all at different places and I have to honor that fact.

Am I willing to not judge myself or others on their body type? That is progress. I used to line up at the starting line and look for all of the other over-weight runners. I used to be so happy when I beat the skinny runners. Now we are all just athletes working hard. Progress.

I love the new mentality that Crossfit has given me. I love lifting heavy weights (for me) and not comparing myself against those lifting heavier or lighter. We are all working hard and making progress!

Grandma, Nana, Meemaw, Granny….

My daughter wrote a blog post about what she learned about being a new mother. It is thoughtful and sweet – just what I would expect from her. She is a natural at this motherhood gig… calm and caring, loving and nurturing…. nothing less than I expected out of her.

I struggled a bit more with my parenting. I was always a bit nervous and uptight. Always worried about doing something wrong or messing up. In her lessons learned she advises other new mothers to take care of themselves, take care of their husbands… put make-up on and take vitamins. Thank GOD she is smart. I didn’t do any of these things!  It is no small wonder that she turned out so well and her dad and I are still together!

So, now I am a grandma. Hopefully I will not flounder through my grandmother-hood like I did motherhood!

Some random thoughts about my first 3 weeks of being a grandmother:

– I have no idea what I will be called. People ask me daily… “what is the baby going to call you?”  When she first told us she was pregnant this was a big concern of mine. I don’t feel like a grandma and I don’t think I look like a grandma.  My grandma always seemed kind of OLD. But, then I thought… MY MOM is a grandma and she is not old! Heck, she was younger than me when my daughter was born.  So, now… I really do not care what baby girl calls me (as long as it is not meemaw).

– I am fairly opinionated about things concerning health and well being. I feel the need to share things just because I think some things are good to share. I have to be careful to remember that my daughter is SMART and she will do what is right for baby girl and everyone will be fine.  My mother was/is a great example… she is always there and always willing to give advice when asked:)

– I am going to continue to “spoil” my daughter. My daughter is still the most amazing human on this earth. As much as I am going to love baby girl, she will never replace my OWN baby girl. One day she will understand… as I have learned over the years.. your mom still loves YOU the most.



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