My Own GO GREEN Challenge

A couple of months ago I tried making a better effort to be “green”.  I have made my own soap (using pre-made products like Borax and Washing Soda). There are many recipes on the web and they are more economical and environmentally friendly. I will save these for another post.

One of my other efforts is to use reusable grocery bags instead of getting those plastic ones from the grocery store then having hundreds to have to deal with. I started compiling a collection of bags awhile ago and have been carrying them around where ever I went. That was the extent of it. They stayed in my car waiting to be used. So, now, my goal is to actaully use them. I started slow by taking them on smaller trips to the grocery store- just using one or two at a time.  Last week I took them all. I have about 6 of them now. I carried them around the store with me and when I got up the the check out I dumped them all on the counter. I am not sure why I am self-conscious of this. I guess not enough people do it yet around here so I feel like I stand out. I am also worried about the bag boy… is it a hassle for him to use my bags? Why do I care? So, he bagged them up just fine.

Today I went to the grocery store again and didn’t even think about bringing them in.  Towards the end of my shopping I became aware of the talking over the loud speaker. There was chatter about sales, etc., then a lady urging us to use reusable bags. Then it dawned on me, I forgot my bags. It was raining pretty hard outside at this point and was it really worth it to run out and get the bags?  Yes, it was. If I was going to get serious about this I had to get the bags.  I had to park my cart off to the side and hope that nobody thought I was abandoning it (there again – I am worried about what everyone thinks… I need to stop). I got back in with my sack of bags and proceeded to check out. I piled them up and let the bag boy have at it.

Now I just have to remember them next time!

My assortment of reusable bags

My assortment of reusable bags


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