The Body and Soul Challenge

The first challenge that I officially joined yesterday is Martha Stewart’s Body and Soul Challenge. The challenge is a five week challenge with weekly and daily tasks:
Week 1: Detox Done Right
Week 2: Eat Well (Don’t Diet)
Week 3: Customize your workout
Week 4: Stress solutions
Week 5: Stay energized and keep it going

Aside from the obvious goal of getting healthier the prizes include:
Week 1: Kitchen Aid Pro Blender
Week 2: Whole Foods gift certificate worth $200
Week 3: A $200 gift certificate for Lulumon Athletic apparel
Week 4: Aubrey Organics gift basket
Week 5: I-pod Shuffle

I think the prizes are just given based on random drawing. That’s fine, a prize is a prize. The challenge yesterday was to “Scale Back” from things like caffeine, sugary stuff, processed foods, etc. I really already to that due to the diet I am already on. I do have one cup of coffee in the morning and I do not want to give that up. I really did not need to do a whole lot for yesterday.

Day 2, today, the challenge is to “Tune Out”. To limit TV watching and internet surfing. I did turn off the news and did not watch more than about 30 minutes. I have not watched TV other than that so far today. However, the season premier of the Biggest Loser is on tonight so I will be watching it! I really do not want to give up the internet because I want to work on this blog and figure out what kinds of other challenges there are and get them logged.

Yesterday on Martha’s show she had someone on making a detox soup that did not look very appetizing. I think I will skip that! She also had someone on getting a facial during the whole show. That looked wonderful. I will have to look into getting one.

I also want to get a massage this week before I go back to work. And a hair cut. I will have to see if I can schedule some appointments.



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