Treadmill Incline test

In my last post I mentioned that one of the prizes for the Self Challenge was a Nordic Track incline treadmill that went up to a 40% incline. That is really steep! The benefit was that it would burn 5 times more calories than a flat surface. I decided to do a test on my own treadmill to see how many more calories I burned between 0% incline and 15% incline. 15% is the highest that my treadmill goes.

I did a little video. I just got a camcorder and I have to practice making videos so I am good at it before I have to submit one for Jillian’s Destination Me Challenge.

Note: In the video I start off by saying that I am going to “test the theory” that incline burns more calories than no incline. That is really a given and there is nothing to test. I should have just said that I was going to see what the calorie burn difference was between the two. I obviously did not have a script and I did not want to redo it!

Here it is – don’t laugh!

Here is the ad with Jillian next to the 40% incline:


Here is a picture with me next to my 15% incline:

Laura and treadmill


1 Comment

  1. Katheryn

    I LOVE IT!!!
    Your picture next to your 15% incline looks just like Jillian.. except you’re prettier!

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