First race of 2009! Grasshopper 5K

I ran my first 5K of 2009. It was a great race and I was happy with my time and how I felt before, during and after the race. I ran one in July last year but I was so nervous and terribly out of shape that I do not think I enjoyed it at all. I walked most of it becuase of the pain my shins were in and how out of breath I was the entire race. It was hot and rainy, too. But, that is the past!!! Now I am much more fit than I was just a few months ago – fitter than I have been in awhile and it feels great.

Today I finished with a time of 36:30! I was so happy. I thought that was my best time ever… I ran a 5K back in 2003 when I was at my fittest and the time was 35:00. So, even though that time was better, I was probably 40 pounds lighter than I am right now so I think right now I am actually fitter!

I so excited for this year. I have a few more races already lined up and I have joined a running club. So, with this race today and the joining of the club I have knocked out two of the milestones that I set for myself in Jillian’s Destination Me Challenge.

I joined the Spartanburg Running Club and the first meeting I am going to is Monday 1/12. It is the start of the 10K training for the Cooper River Bridge run. I am a little scared, but I will get over it!

Here is me with my number on:

That's me - number 403!

That's me - number 403!


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