Recap of week 1 of challenges

This week I started a few challenges; Martha’s Body and Soul, Jillian’s Destination Me, Self’s JUmp Start and Shape’s 14 days to better arms.Here is how I have fared with them so far:

Martha: this week was focused on detoxinf – cut out sugar, eat clean, rest, news fast, etc. The eating I am already doing ok with due to my dieting and counting calories. I have rested and I have avoided watching a lot of news. I generally am a news junkie but I have been making an effort to watch less. I like to be informed, but I find that most of it just makes me mad.

Self: I have been exercising getting ready for my 5K. I did some of Jillian’s moves and they are HARD. I am going to video myself doing some of them just for kicks. The girl she has demonstrating them in the videos is awesome. She makes them look easy. They are not. I also get an e-mail tip daily from Self. They are not that useful to me – they are things like “make sure you get your fiber” and “plan healthy meals and snacks in advance”. I guess they are not for people that are already watching their diet and eating clean to begin with.

Jillian: My favorite challenge, of course. She has not even start posting the weekly challenges each week and I am pumped. I cannot wait to see her blogs. This week I did make good progress in meeting some of my milestone goals for my roadmap. I joined a running club and ran my January 5K. I am also listening to her daily via her podcasts. I am constantly inspired by what I hear her talk about.

Week one done. I will be curious to see what week 2 brings.


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