Week 2 – Off to a good start!

I ha d a good day today. My goal was to burn 1000 calories, I only burned about 850 so I will have to push harder tomorrow. My calories were right on target and I even got my fruit in.

The running club was ok. For one thing it was way the heck out of the way. It took me exactly 30 minutes to get there. Luckily most of the others were late. Tonight the guy in charge, Brian, just collected questionnaires we had to fill out that asked about our fitness level an experience. He is going to create training plans for each of us and then next week we are going to start with speed training. That should be interesting. Tonight he just told us to walk or run around the track.  There were 6 other girls and 3 guys.

There was one older guy there that said he was helping. He was friendly and asked if I had run any races before. I told him my experience and he was very encouraging. He said that for whatever distance you can comfortably run, you can should actually be able to triple that amount and do better than you think… I will take his word for that right now and focus on the 6.2 I will need to run in April!

It was really cold tonight and luckily I had some gloves in my car because I needed them.

I am ready for a good strong week!



  1. Ted

    They will warm up to you Laura. You have that effect on people.

  2. Linda

    Great job on the site. I wouldn’t be concerned about other people just do your best, and I know you will. As you said, you are not there for them. Don’t let them get you down – people just aren’t as friendly these days.

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