That’s No Joke!

I had the best workouts today and ended with a bang. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning on a slight incline and burned 300 calories. I hit the gym at lunch at got on the treadmill for a blistering 30 minute workout. I stayed at a 8 resistance at 8 mph and got my heartrate up there. Then I increased the resistance every minute after that until I got to level 16. I was dripping sweat and burned another 350 calories.

I ended the night with a Jillian circuit with the tunes cranked to the Tomb Raider soundtrack. Picturing myself as Angelina Jolie while working out with Jillian is pretty motivating! I did the workouts from Self magazine that Jillian demonstrates. They are KILLER. I barely could do them! I just about killed myself doing the “pike plank”. I need to find a picture  – I am certainly NOT going to take a picture of myself doing it! I workout for 40 minutes and burned 500 calories!

Here is the Pike Plank – Jillian makes you get up higher!


My calories were right on target! I need to keep this up!


1 Comment

  1. Linda

    I think I would fall off the ball. Good Job! Keep up the excellent work!

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