The One Hour Challenge

For today’s run I wanted to see how far I could go in one hour. I set myself at a good pace and set off. At the 3.1 mile mark I was slower than my last 5K race apce  – 37.39. I felt really good – no problem to keep going. Cariovascularly I had no problem. My heart rate was in the 160’s and steady. I wasn’t winded, just breathing steady. My legs started getting a bit heavy if I thought about them so I tried to focus on the music and my breath.

I looked at my watch at the 58 minute mark and noticed I was at 4.86 miles – I was headed for 5 miles! So I ran until I got to the 5 mile mark. One hour and one minute! I was so excited. That hour came just in time becuase my toes were really starting to hurt.

Whenever I go long distances – walking or hiking usually – my thired and fourth toes feel like they are on fire. I get terrible stabbing pains in them and it makes it really difficult to move. I looked up my symptoms and there is something called Morton”s Neuroma that matches how I feel. It is an inflamation of the nerve that runs across the bottom of the foot. I really need to find a podiatrist to get it checked out. I think the remedy is cortisone shots. I will definately get them if that what the doctor says. I feel like I can run a lot longer if it wasn’t for that pain.

I know I will be able to do my 10K with no problems – as long as I get my toes fixed!

I am so excited for the running club this week. We start our speed training. It should be fun!


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