The day after 5 miles…

I woke up today and my whole body hurt. The weirdest was my upper back. I cannot think of anything else I could have done to cause my back to hurt so I have to assume it was the running. Right between my shoulder blades it feels like I got hit with a bat. I have been sitting on  a heating pad on and off today and that makes it feel better.

Tomorrow is my speed work day and I read in the forums on that most people either take a day off before speed work or take an easy day. I decided to do ab and upper body work. Yes, despite my back pain I was ready for more.

I chose one of my new DVD’s to help me out. I recently bought Jackie Warner’s DVD called One-On-One Training. It is awesome and the few times I have done it I have been sore the next day. I did upper body and abs.


She’s no Jillian by any means, but she does know how to work-out. She uses a lot of the same moves that Jillian has in her DVD’s. What I do like about this one is that there is not as much jumping as Jillian has in her workouts. While I do love the jumping jacks, etc., and KNOW that they got me into shape, I just am not in the mood to jump all the time.

I was was pained to see that Jackie also is a big fan of the dreaded plank moves that I hate so much. I just hate them – every variation of them. I thought I hated jumping jacks until Jillian forced me to do the planks in level 2 of the 30 day Shred. Jillian could get me to do them… Jackie not so much. She does not shout inspirational things at me to inspire me to push myself harder. Nothing could make me do those stupid planks today.

Here is Jillian modeling a plank:

jillian-plankIt doesn’t look too hard, does it? Add her tortourous variations with jumping and twisting and arms and legs up and down and it is evil. Such as the “Mountain Climber”:


These wouldn’t be so terrible if after each one you did have to jump right up and start doing one-leg balance moves while doing the military press. Seriously, I was so diszzy most the time from getting up and down I could barely keep up.

Yet, I still did them because she told me to.

Tomorrow is speed training at the track – provided that snow doesn’t ruin things!


1 Comment

  1. Linda

    Wow two sizes down – great job!

    Can’t wait to hear about your speed training.

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