Last Chance Thursday

For me weigh-in days are Friday. So, that means Thursday is the “last chance work-out” day.  I ate clean and got all my water in. I walked for 30 min this morning, did the elliptical for 30 min at lunch and ran two miles on the treadmill followed by walking to total an hour.  I need the scale to start going down again!

As far as the rest of my challenges, they are pretty uneventful. Self has yet to give me a tip that was inspiring. Most are common sense. Martha’s theme this week is exercise – got that covered.  I actually forgot about my arm exercises from Shape.

Jillian posted the challenge this week to try to live a healthy life frugally and organically as possible.  I certainly could by more organic stuff. I really just do not think about it. I guess that is the challenge. So, this week when I am at the store I will see what is available to get. For the frugal part I am pretty much already there. I do not go out to eat, make my own soap, and basically do not spend much money at all.

I am hoping her challenges get a little more exciting!


1 Comment

  1. Linda

    I really look forward to your blogs – I was disappointed not to see one yesterday. But I guess if you have nothing to report what do you say.

    Dad and I just have to get moving!

    Love Mom

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