Do It Again… Only Better

The theme for this week is “Do it again… only better”. Last week was a good weightloss week and if I want to continue on the downward trend I have to keep improving. I have this saying stuck in my head. It actually comes from this game that my daughter had growing up called the “Bop-it”


“An electronic toy that challenges response time to pull, twist, and bop different parts of the toy. The extreme version adds two more tasks, more sounds, and a taunting, smart-aleck announcer who directs the game. As you get better, the game moves faster until you miss a beat and lose, accompanied by a fair amount of noise and ridicule from the toy. People who don’t think they’d ever want to play Bop It Extreme won’t be able to put it down; it instills a compulsive need to bop till you drop

At the end of the game (well, when you mess up) it says “do it again… only better”. No matter how well you do, you have to try to get better! Philosphy from the Bop-It! So, like the game I am going to move faster and challenge myself to move more. Hopefully I won’t “pull or twist” anything! And, I hope I do not have to listen to “noise or ridicule” from anyone…

That was a bit random, but hey, I am just trying to keep things interesting!



  1. Linda

    I liked the Bop-It philosophy!

  2. Ted

    I like the Bop-It philosophy too. All the exercise is making you a clear thinker as well.

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