Ice, Ice, Baby…

yes, that was the theme last night, this morning and tonight. Ice on the shins, on the calfs, and my left hamstring. Last night I just felt a little tight and the ice felt good. This morning my hamstring was sore. It hurt getting out of bed and took awhile to loosen up. I went down to the treadmill for my morning incline walk and it was hard. The incline didn’t bother it as much as the speed. I could barely walk 3 mph. I only did about 25 minutes – enough to burn 200 caloires. I usually shoot for 300 calories, but this will have to be good enough.

The hardest part today was getting up from a sitting position. If I was moving it seemed better so I decided to get on the ellitical for a bit. After 30 min at a moderate pace and resistance it felt MUCH better.

The plan for my running tonight was 2 miles. I hit the track and did 2 miles at 11:56 pace. I felt pretty good, but by the end I could feel my shins tighten up. I got home to mark the run off my running calendar and noticed Brian put “2 miles @15 min/mile”. I guess that means I should have WALKED. I should have paid more attention! I will be sure to read more carefully.

So, tomorrow the running plan says run 3.5 miles. I am going to do abs and upper body instead of more cardio in the morning and at lunch. Hopefully my legs will be ready for the run!



  1. Make sure you are stretching…very important to stretch those muscles good before and after your workouts! And don’t overdo it, if you have real pain, it’s better to rest the body than to keep going and risk injury!!

    You’re doing such a great job!! Keep up the great work 🙂 You’re awesome!!

  2. Brian

    Listen to your body Laura! If its telling you something via the pain mechanism be sure to take note and take a break if need be. It’s much easier to be proactive prior to an injury than to have to play defense after an injury! I can tell you from experience that it is very tempting to follow a schedule down to the t but variation, such as changing a workout due to soreness or pain or even sitting it out completely, is a much smarter way to go than to push through sometimes. I would check into a foam roller if you’re having hamstring soreness. You can get them online or at Dicks, Target, or Academy.

    I’m really proud of the progress you’ve made and your eagerness to keep it up!


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