I met some more runners!

I went to the track tonight to do my 3.5 mile run. I was rounding mile 2.5 and a group of runners were coming my direction. As they past they invited me to run with them. I said I probably couldn’t keep up, but they said “sure you can!” So, I I joined in… just a few months ago I never would have, but I guess I am getting used to opening myself up to new things. I joined them and although I was more out of breath and breathing fairly hard, it was great. I ran with them for my last mile. I was getting a little tired before I started running with them, but as soon as I joined I felt my pace pick up a bit.  Although talking was difficult, it was nice to have that distraction. They seemed like experienced runners. The two women are getting ready for half marathons and two men were gearing up for full marathons.

It turns out that they are trying to start a running club – The Tryon Running Club. They are going to start meeting on Thursday nights. I will definately be joining them.

I think my success this time around is really due a lot to the support I am getting this time. Tuesday nights for the speed training is really great. Everyone there is really encouraging and it is nice to be around other people that push each other. Now if I have that same type of support on Thursday’s, too, that will be great.

I am talking off from running until Sunday. I am going to do some cross training and let my legs rest!


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