Another good week

Although I only had a one pound loss this week I really feel a lot stronger. I worked out hard every day but tried to make sure that I gave my legs appropriate rest before my hard days.

Sunday was my scheduled 5 mile run. The funny thing is that I did 5 miles without thinking about it a couple of weeks ago. This time I think I was worried about not being able to run it and I was worried that I would be slower. I am not sure why I have to worry about things. I needed to just go out and run and not worry about it.  I didn’t hydrate as well as I should have. It was warmer than I expected out at the track and had on my track pants and a long sleeve tee. I should have had on shorts and a tee shirt. Between my attire and not drinking enough I really felt fatigued at about the 3 mile mark. I had to stop and walk for about a minute.  I changed up my playlist and got back into the run.

I lost some time by walking, but it was a break that I needed to keep going. My pace was 12:20. The last mile I tried to speed up. I felt like I was going faster, but the Garmin didn’t register any difference. I finshed again in 1 hour and 1 min. The last time I did 5 miles that was my time, and I thought the Garmin read a 12:00 pace – I must have been mistaken.

Looking forward to the week I see it is supposed to be an easy week. that’s good!

Tuesday: 10 min walk warm-up with some jogs thrown in. 2×5 min at 12:20 pace with 2 min easy jog/walk followed by a 7 min jog turning into a walk/cool down

Wed: cross training – elliptical or bike, no run or walk

Thurs: 3 miles

Sat or Sun: 4 miles

My food goal for this week is to change up my menu a bit. I have been eating the same thing for awhile now. It is easy and I know the calories, but I need to add more variety. I am going to make a quinoa salad from the Veganomicon cookbook. It sounds good with black beans and mango.  I am also cooking up some roasted cauliflower to have throughout the week.  I cannot give up my egg white omlet in the morning. I love it!



  1. Linda

    It is great you are keeping that enthusiasm – very proud of you.

    The Tryon Running Club will be easier for you to get to and you will be close to home.

  2. Brian

    I noticed your Sunday run was at race pace rather than the pace I recommended on your schedule. You going at a faster pace is stressing your body more than it needs to be. I know its fun to see if you can beat a previous time but going slow will produce greater benefit in the long run. I know you have weight loss goals so I included this link for an article on how fuel sources are utilized during exercise.
    At such a high intensity such as the 12:00 pace you’re mainly burning carbohydrates. At the lower, say 14:00 pace, you are still burning carbs but the body uses more fat when choosing a fuel source. Just some food for thought.


  3. lauraph2009

    Brian, thank you for your advice and the article. I will do better at staying within my set times. I really feel like I am so slow it is hard to think that I should be slower!

  4. Brian

    No problem. I’m not saying for sure, but I bet when you run your next race, you’ll surprise yourself! After that race, we can use it to derive some new paces for training. I want you to stick with it and not get burned out.

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