Easy Week

This week is easy week, or recovery week, for the training plan. It seems counter intuitive to try to run slower and take some days off when the big goal is to run faster and longer. I have felt tired for the past couple of weeks. I have been pushing myself hard for awhile now. Exercising 3 times a day at a pretty high intensity can be exhausting. But, now that I have a running goal in addition to my weightloss goal I am trying to be smart about it… with a little help.

Since I started on this journey I have been trying to pay attention to things I did wrong in the past and not do them again. I have also been trying to listen to people and pay attention to what people are telling me instead of thinking I know it all.  So, I am listening. This week my running plan had some easy days for me and a slower pace. I am sticking to it. Brian assures me that this method works and it will help me from burning out and getting injured. I believe him and I will listen.

Also, in my in box today I have a running newsletter that is about slowing down. It tells me the same thing Brian pretty much said:

  1. You will not be well rested for your next speed session or race.
  2. You will increase your risk of injury.
  3. You will increase your risk of burning out.
  4. You will suffer from a state of perpetual exhaustion.

Then, to top it off, I get my daily e-mail from Jillian and she has her blog posted with our new goals for the week. For the fitness challenge her theme is “doing it without overdoing it.” Proper rest will help build.

Ok – so I get the message and I am taking advantage of it. Today was cross training and I wasn’t supposed to run or walk, either ellitical or bike. I did the elliptical.

Tomorrow is another running day. I really hope it warms up. I do not think I have it in me to run in 20 degree weather!


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  1. Ted

    Laura, I’m glad you get to take it easy this week. Great advice Brian, and link too. And if Jillian is chiming in about not overdoing it, you are definitely on track. Have fun, hon.

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