Nice Day!

I had a very productive and relaxing day. I had to get my oil changed so I headed out this morning to Dave Edwards Toyota in Spartanburg and had the best service. They really know what they are doing there. I will definately go back. Next I did a little shopping and headed home.

The running plan for today was 4 miles at a 14.30 pace. More like a fast walk, or walk/slow run. I was going to go to the track then I decided to go on the trails at my house. I thought I could hike fast enough to meet the required pace. I was wrong. It has been awhile since I was on  the trails and forgot how rugged they were. Between the sticks and stones, ruts and roots, hills and leaves I was not going to be able to maintain the required pace. I thought about turning back and going to the track, but it was so pretty and I really didn’t want to have to drive anywhere. I walked as fast as I could on the terrain and ran where it was relatively level. I made a mistake and wore my regular running shoes rather than my trail running shoes so I had little traction. I got a heck of a workout though… even though I only averaged a 17.30 pace I had my heartrate up into the 75-85% of maximum heart rate almost the entire time. The hills were tough. I really need to do some more hill training. It works entirely different muscles.

I ended up going 4.3 miles and it took about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I toes really starting hurting at the hour mark, as usual. I have my podiatrist appointment on Tuesday so I am hoping that the doctor tells me what I can do. It is really painful and I really want it fixed before Cooper River Bridge Run.

Today I also registered for next weekend’s 5K in Charlotte – the Cupid’s Cup. I registered for the 5k and got Mom, Dad and Dylan registered for the 1.5 mile fitness walk. I am really looking forward to see if my time improves. My goal for this race is to be in the 34 minute range. My last race was 36.30 so hopefully that is a reasonable goal.


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