Two tough workouts!

My morning started by working out with Jilliann in her new DVD  – “No More Trouble Zones”. It was very hard – 6 – 7 minute segments of strength training circuits. I was dripping sweat! The hardest of all was an exercise called “surrender”. I couldn’t find a picture or video and I am not quite ready to video myself doing this exercise! It starts out in a standing position with arms straight over head holding 5 pound dumbells. Next is to bring one leg slightly back into a kneeling position. Then the other leg down into kneeling. Then the first foot up into standing, then the next foot up into standing until you are in the starting position. I could only make it through the first circuit holding the weights. For the second circuit I had to put the weights down. By the end of the second circuit I could barely get up! I did though – very clumsily. This exercise was about 3/4 of the way through an already grueling workout.


Because of this tough workout and knowing what I had in store for me tonight at speed trianing I decided to skip my lunch time elliptical. I wanted to be ready to run.

Tonight’s speed trianing was as follows:

10 min walking warm-up
2 x 400m in 2:30 (I did both of these on time!) w/ 400 walk in between
3 x 1000m in 6:40 (I was slow by about 20 seconds on these each time) w/400 walk in between
10 min cool down

I was really breathing heavy after each interval. My walking breaks are probably too slow. Each week I keep saying I am going to do better on my walking, but it feels so good to walk after running that fast.

Tomorrow morning back to Jillian’s cardio, 45 min on the elliptical at lunch to get my cross training in for the day. Night I will probably just walk on the treadmill to burn a few extra calories.

I am really focusing on my calories this week. I am logging everything I am eating and so far have stayed within my 1386 calories…. I get every single one of those calories in, too! I want to see that scale move more than a pound this week!!!


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  1. Linda

    I think I would have lost my balance and landed on my face. I am really proud of you trying these and sticking to your walking/running. You did so great on Saturday.

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