5.5 miles – good to go

Today was my long run – the longest distance so far. I was excited to see how I would do. No problem. I was excited to go out despite the temperature here being in the low 40’s and the wind howling. Luckily it was not as windy at Harmon Field. After a 10 min walking warm-up I started out. My designated pace for this run was supposed to be 13 minute mile. I started out a bit fast – about 12:15 but when I got into the groove I slowed it down to 12:30. That pace felt really good so I stayed there. Mile three came before I knew it and I still felt great. My foot was fine and my legs felt like they could go on for miles.

By mile 4 I could start feeling a little pain in my right foot. It wasn’t bad – not like before the shot. It was just annoying at first. My new wide running shoes help a bit because I could move my toes around and that made it feel a little better.

My heartrate stayed about 80% the whole time.  I never got winded and was able to breath nice and steady the entire run.

I felt really good all the way to the end. – my pace eventually slowed a bit over the course of 5.5 miles. My ending pace was 12:45. For the first time on my long runs I wasn’t starring down at my watch counting down the last few tenths of the mile. I felt like I could keep running.  My time was 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Bring on the 6 miles next week!



  1. Pam (psjh71)

    Congratulations on your 5.5 miles!! Don’t you feel awesome? Way to get it done…you go girl!! Pam from Sparkpeople

  2. seeallisonrun

    What a great feeling, I am sure!

  3. Ted

    You are so technical. Maybe that helps to keep your mind off of just running. Well done.

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