All about the running!

This week it is all about the running. Last week I was focused on the weight loss. Don’t get me wrong, I still plan on losing a pound ot two this week, but that is not the focus. My running schedule is the toughest one so far. I am going to ease up on my non-running routine. Usually I try to get in three cardio workouts a day, but I am not going to this week. I want to make sure my legs are ready for the challenge.

Here is the running schedule for this week:

Tomorrow – speed training:
10 min warm-up
4 x 1000 in 6:50 w/400 walk/run in between
1 x 400 in 2:35
4 x 100 in :30 w/100 walk in between
10 min cool down

The 3 x 1000 just about did me in last week. Luckily Brian came to the rescue and increased my interval times slightly (was 6:40, now 6:50! I never thought I would be so far to get 10 extra seconds!)

Wednesday – x-train. Probably the elliptical for 45 min

Thursday –
1 mile @ 13:15 pace
2 miles @ 11:15 pace
1 mile @ 13:15 pace

Saturday –
6 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the fun begin!


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