Happy Thursday

I like Thursdays. I have worked hard all week and the prospect of a rest day is very near. On Thursday’s I give it my all – like the final leg of the race. I want to finish strong.

Today was no exception. I got up and had a good upper body and ab workout. I was a bit sore from Wednesday’s leg workout so I spent some time stretching. I tried to be on my feet a lot today and walk around because I was bit stiff and I had my 4 mile run to do. I could have eaten a bit more, but I forgot to pack my afternoon snack. As soon as I got home I ate a small snack before heading to the track.

The first mile tonight I was to do at a 13 minute pace. That is really hard – I averaged about a 12:30 pace and felt pretty comfortable after I got my shoes properly tied. I tried out a different pair of socks tonight and my shoes felt too loose so I had to stop a couple of times in the first few minutes to adjust. I can’t stand it when one shoes is tighter than the other.

I finally got into a good rhythym and maintained my pace. At mile 2 I had to speed up to 11 min pace. This is basically the pace I ran for my last 5K. It felt faster tonight. I think during the race it was so exciting and their were other runners around that I could keep up with. Tonight I was able to maintain it fine, I just had to focus on my breathing more.  I concentrated on taking big deep breaths like Beth told me the other night. I never realized how shallow my breathing was before.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I have worked out hard this week and stayed in my calorie range. I hope the scale reflects my hardwork again!


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