Wind me up and watch me go!

That is how I felt today on my run and the words of one of the songs on my playlist. I love this song by Pink called  “Bad Influence”, which is ironic since I think I am increasing becoming an good influence! This song came on at mile 4.5 and although I was feeling pretty good already this gave me a little extra boost.  (At the beginning there is also a great part about drinking martinis that would not help me with my run, but I love it anyway!!!).

So, back to my run… Again, just like earlier in the week I was anticipating this run all week. 6 miles – my longest yet. I was so excited all week. Yesterday I had a rest day so my muscles were nice and rested – all the soreness that accumulated through the week was gone. I ate really well and felt good.

I was going back and forth about when I was going to run. I was originally thinking either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. Well, John told me that it was going to rain all weekend and get increasing colder. So, I decided that I better get up Saturday morning and get the run in before the bad weather hit. Well, when I woke up at 6:30 the bad weather was here already. The rain was coming down pretty steadily and it was 52 degrees. I had to get my run in and this was my chance. I had a good breakfast and headed out about 8:30.

I wore layers to help keep my dry and cool. I just got some mew running Clima Cool shirts so I wore one under my rain jacket. I have a nice light weight breathable jacket so I was hoping that I would not get too over heated or clammy. I also have my nice new running capris and they have a thin liner so I was hoping my legs would be ok.

I had a brief walking warm-up – I didn’t want to walk too much and get more wet before the run. I picked it up to a nice steady pace. The plan again called for a 13 min mile pace, but that is just not comfortable. I decided that I was just going to run whatever felt good. For the first mile that was a 12 min pace. My heartrate was good and I felt strong.

Part of the challenge was to dodge the puddles and mini streams throughout the course. About mile 2 I came to a section where there was a deep pool and I had to go around on the grass, which was wet and mushy. My socks got wet. I really was hoping to avoid saturation, especially the first 3 miles. But, it was hard to avoid.

There were a few other people out there walking so I wasn’t entirely alone, but it was pretty nice. The cold weather and rainy weather sure keep people away. As much as I want nice mild conditions I know that will bring out the crowds.

I started getting a little warm in my jacket, but not bad enough to take it off. I unzipped it a bit and took my hood off to get some air circulation. My hat was enough to keep the rain off my face so the hood was overkill anyway.

At mile 5 I felt really good. My toes were starting to tingle a bit, but they didn’t really hurt. I tried something new with my feet. I wore my regular shoes (not the wides I just bought because I didn’t want them to get wet). I also found some gel foot pad for the ball of the foot. I slide them in my shoes under the foot pad where they felt comfortable. Those REALLY helped. I will definitely continue to use them.

As mile 6 approached I was getting excited. I wanted to pick up the pace and I felt good. I just stayed steady. I decided to got for 6.2 – I was already out here and wet so what is another .2? I ended up finishing in 1 hour 15 minutes!

This is so very exciting because my initial goal when I set out on this journey was to finish the Cooper River Bridge Run in 1:15. I still have a month of training to go so I feel absolutely confident that I can to better than that for the race. It is very exciting!

Next I have to find a hill to run up and down so that bridge doesn’t ruin it for me!



  1. Linda

    Great you did it! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Ted

    Laura, I downloaded Bad Influence. You’re right it is a cool song. Nice run. You make it sound so easy.

  3. lauraph2009

    I am happy you found the song and like it. It is a good one!

  4. lauraph2009

    Thank you! It was fun!

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