Plan for the week

This morning I got my running schedule. Today, of course, was speed training. I had to:
1 x 1000 in 6:50  then 400 walk/run
2 x 600 in 3:40 then 400 walk/run
4 x 400 in 2:30
200 walk/run
cool down

I did all my intervals +/- 5 seconds within alloted times – except for the 1000, which I did way too fast. (6 minutes). I just cannot figure out how to pace myself that first time. I do better as the intervals go on. Tonight was difficult because I was not at my normal track. I had to work late and I figured I wouldn’t get there in time anyways so I headed to Harmon Field. It is hard to do the speed training there because it is not an official track. Thankfully I have the Garmin, but it still wasn’t the same.

Another thing I missed were the other runners. Even though I really do not run with anyone on Tuesdays (the exception was last week) it is still nice knowing they are there and seeing how hard everyone else is working. Plus, as they pass, or I pass, it is nice to get the encouragement that especially the experienced runners offer. AND, I do not feel so much like a freak when I am gasping for air after my intervals. A couple of times around the track tonight there were some walkers and they looked back at me and I was coming up on them. I felt like my breathing was disturbing them. That was probably not at all – just my normal self-consciousness coming through, but I still felt awkward.

Tomorrow is normal with cross training and Thursday is just like last week with 4 miles. This weekend I have to run 5 miles. I am going up to see Katheryn and I think there are plenty of running routes around campus. I am sure there are plenty of hills in Knoxville, too!

For my morning routine this week I am following the plan out of my Core Performance book. There are a lot of functional exercises and strength training specific for running movements. Their philosophy is “train for movement, not for muscle”. I like that – it makes sense. I also got three free weeks on their website. A free log on came with my new adidas clothes I bought. adidas is an official sponsor of Core Performance – wouldn’t it be nice if they could come down to our office!

I have been starving all day. I need get some better food. I made so vegetable soup for lunch and it is just not cutting it. It is bland on top of not being fulfilling. I have been avoiding the lunches I lover – either cottage cheese or tuna on my Ezekiel bread but I have given those up becuase of so much sodium in that food.  Cottage cheese and tuna are both LOADED with sodium! I might have to figure something out and work them back in. I enjoyed those lunches and I was filled up. I haven’t had a good lunch since.

On Biggest Loser tonight the guest was Sugar Ray Leonard. He talked about his theme – “POWER” – Prepare – Overcome and Win – Every – Round. I like that. That is how I feel each day – each day is a round and I have to win each day.

At work people have been commenting ” I wish I had your motivation”, etc. It is not really that – i am just trying to do the right thing everyday and stay focused. I cannot say that I am completely motivated everyday but I keep POWERing through.


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  1. Ted

    Laura, just call the folks at Core Performance and invite them to your office. Tell them who you are.

    We saw Sugar Ray Leonard the other night too. P.O.W.E.R. is a great motto to live by. As it turns out you have been doing just that all along.

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