Core Performance – the foam roll

My new Core Performance routine has many interesting things to do daily. One is the foam roller. It looks so easy in the pictures – take the foam roller and roll various body parts over it. It is so hard – an not very comfortable. Some movements even hurt! I broke a sweat trying to get my body over that roll for the specified number of repetitions. It is supposed to feel like a massage, but at least the Core Performance guy admits that there can be “uncomfortable moments”. Not all the movements hurt – the hamstring roll felt quite nice:


The guy in the picture is Mark Verstegen, the Core Performance guy. He visits adidas in Portland every once in a while. We in Spartanburg get to read about it on the intranet.

While the hamstring roll wasn’t bad, the hardest one was the Lat foam roll. It was utterly ridiculous. If I had any guts I would video tape myself doing it. I can’t even imagine what I looked like trying to do this. It is surprising difficult. Core Performance did not have any pictures, here is another random person:


There were about 6 foam roll exercises that I had to do. Hopefully this will only come up a couple of times a week.

Tomorrow more Core and 4 miles running. It looks like it will finally not be cold during my run.



  1. Brian

    Glad you’ve discovered the foam roller. We’ve been friends for years!

  2. Linda

    I have a foam roller for back exercises, boy it hurts when it gets in the tight spot but does help. Keep up the excellent work.

  3. lauraph2009

    Just tell me it stops hurting so much!!!

  4. lauraph2009

    I forgot you had one, too, Mom. thanks

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