I am happy to say – MUCH EASIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My speed plan for today on my training calendar was:

10 min warm-up
5 x 1000 in 6:50 w/ 400 meter walks in between
cool down

Easy, no – but easier YES. I had the best speed training session yet. I really worked hard and I actually ran faster than I should have. Compared to my first few sessions this is amazing. Except for the three laps that Beth did with me that one week I do not think I ever finished any 1000’s strong and feeling good. Most of then I think I have even taken mini walk breaks. The very first 1000’s I ran in February I was right at 7:00 minutes and I felt like I was going to die. Even the ones I ran with Beth were in the 6:40’s, but they were TOUGH. Last week I did them, but I was just not giving it my all and did them right at the alloted time, but they were painful and I did not feel good about my performance.

This week I have added more calories to my day and eating good food. For several weeks I have been eating about 1300 and have just felt weak and unmotivated.  This week I have been eating 1600-1700 calories and feel great. My last two runs have been awesome.

Recap of today:

As usual I started out too fast and I felt it. However, I was able to recover enough to keep pushing strong.

Lap 1: 5:50
Lap 2: 6:04
Lap 3: 6:43
Lap 4: 6:17
Lap 5: 6:21

I am feeling so great. This training is the best thing that I have ever done for myself.  I cannot wait for that race!


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