Friday weigh-in and BMR

I am so pleased. Two pounds are officially gone! I was in shock this morning when the scale showed my loss. I cannot believe I lost with the calorie increase. However, even though I increased my calories by a couple of hundred a day I am still eating at or under my allotment for my BMR.

I think the thing is to recalculate the BMR each time I loose weight. If I go to a BMR calculator
now I will see that my current BMR is 1690. I cannot eat over that amount. This is the amount of calories that my body will burn just operating itself.

To lose a pound I need to burn 3500 calories. I can eat 1690 and exercise off 3500 calories and lose a pound a week.

Jillian’s website currently has eating 1363 calories to lose 2 pounds a week by decreasing my food calories. Her formula uses Total Energy Expenditure which takes into consideration that I have a sedentary job. She already has built in that I will burn 500 calories a day exercising.  This works, too. The months before I started running this is what I was doing and I was consistently losing more than 2 pounds a week.

Exercising for burning calories is quite different than training and running for a race. If I felt tired after a couple of days of hard exercising I just did other  exercises and took at day off. I could burn calories any number of ways. Now with running am trying to run well and do the right thing for my training. I find that I cannot do two and three cardio workouts a day during my race training.

So, I am not burning as many calories a week but I am feeling better than ever. This is definately the way to go for now.


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  1. Ted

    Your scientific approach is working. Way to go!

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