Destination Me 2009 Challenge

My blog has turned into a running log rather than a blog about the challenges that I was to take in an effort to get fit. I have been focused on my running and I really have started to love it. This week marks not only the final week before my first 10K race but also the deadline to submit my final entry to Jillian Michael’s “Destination Me Challenge” that I joined back in January. I have been following along with her challenge blogs each week, but there really hasn’t been anything exciting to blog here about.  However, I think that is a good thing. The main point about her challenge this time was to think about what you wanted for your life. For 2009 mine was to “do something” and I have! I have really had a lot of success these past couple of months and I am happy to say the year is off to a good start. The challenge was broken down in to three sections: food, fitness and life with the challenge to set a goal in each area.

Mine were:

Food: Get a handle on the eating with a goal of losing 25 pounds by counting calories and eating good, wholesome foods.
Result: For the most part I have stayed in my calorie range and have focused on eating for fuel and energy. I have made some really good food choices and I have come a long way in regards to using food every time I feel frustrated or stress or sad or happy or want a reward, etc. I did not reach my goal of 25 pounds. As of this week I have lost 18 pounds since the start of the challenge.

Fitness: My goal here was to embark on a running training program and a run a 5K in January, February and March. I only ran one in January or February, not March. However, I didn’t run in March because instead of running a 5K I have been focused on training for my first 10K April 4th. I needed all my weekends focused on long runs.  The 10K was not part of the original plan, but goes along with the third part of this challenge…

Life: This piece focused on what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to DO SOMETHING instead of just sitting on the sidelines being an observer. I joined Spartanburg Running Club and joined a group to train for the Cooper River Bridge 10K. This was one of the best decisions I have made. I not only got some great training advice, but lots of support from several people along the way. I have built my confidence up so much with this experience that now I know I can run whatever distance I set my mind to.  When I was first contemplating this distance of 6.2 miles John’s comment that it was “only three more miles” has done wonders for me. It was only three more miles. My longest run so far has been 7 miles. I am not fast by any means, but I can handle the distance fairly well. I know I can eventually handle any distance.

After this race I will have to sit down and plan the next three months. This was a really good time frame to have a goal and work towards it. I liked having a specific goal and a training plan to keep me focused. It was much better than just tyring to lose weight. I still have 43 pounds to go until my first goal weight. However, I do not want to focus on that – I want to keep training. Like the quote I found a couple of weeks ago – “Get fit, eat healthy, thin will come”. I like that philsophy and I am going to stick with it.



  1. Heard about your blog from Phedippidations. I have been running Cooper River Bridge for 14 years and returning this year. It was my first after a very long spell of no running. Good luck & know you have fellow Phedip listeners out there with you.

  2. lauraph2009

    Thanks for the nice comment! Good luck on your race – it is supposed to be a nice weekend!

  3. Brian

    Less than one week to go….

  4. lauraph2009

    I am READY! Thanks for all of your help!

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