Remove, Restore, Rebalance

I am about half way through Jillian’s book “Master Your Metabolism” and it is pretty interesting.  We have been hearing for years that processed foods and transfats are bad for you, but she really puts some additional info behind these statements to make it real. I always brushed off those new studies that come out that tell us something else is now dangerous and poison. It gets tiring to hear that practically everything is bad for us. But, the truth is that that stuff us bad. At one time one or two things that were bad probably didn’t add up to much. Now we are inundated with poison. It is in the air, sprayed on the foods we eat, our water has chemicals and drugs in it, chemicals are leeching out of plastic. Any one of these taken alone may not hurt us, but all of them combined is another thing….

‘Remove” is the first part of this book. Explaining what we need to remove and why. All of these chemicals, Jillian claims, are shutting down are metabolism – are hormones are disrupted.

So, this week I am going to go through my cabinets and make sure I do not have anything too bad. I think I do a pretty good job about avoiding the big no’s like transfats and high fructose corn syrup, but as I learned with sodium, some healthy things have stuff in them that I am not aware of.



I had a great workout on the elliptical at lunch.I did interval training by alternating resistance and speed. I burned about 400 calories.

After work I went for a three mile run. I had my best 3 mile time – 31:46 with an average pace of 10:36. I actaully ran the first mile in 9:56, but started getting tired so I decided to slow down a bit. I felt good the whole time and worked on keeping my breathing deep.


Another day of clean eating.
B: 3 egg whites, 2 Kashi lean waffles (need to check ingredients on these)
S: banana and greek yogurt
L: large tossed salad with greens, tomatoes, chick peas w/olive oil and vinegar and a small sweet potato
S: Kashi Lean bar (need to check ingredients on this, too) they are so good – I hope they are ok!
D: homemade baked ziti with whole wheat pasta. – low fat cheese (not organic and jarred sauce – not organic – probably has corn syrup in it)

Another thing she talks about, and my current edition of “Runner’s World” mentions, is the importance of rest. 8 hours of sleep a night is optimal. If I workout in the morning I get about 7. Since I have been so tired the last couple of weeks I am going to skip the morning workout and sleep until 6:00. 10:00-6:00 is a good 8 hours.



  1. Brian

    I’m glad you’re focusing on sleep and rest. I’ve actually tried to focus more on my sleep as well. Woke up the other morning to ride the bike on the trainer and decided the hour of sleep would be more valuable than the workout! Keep up your blog. I enjoy reading it!

  2. lauraph2009

    Hi – thanks for stopping by. I hope you are doing well. Yes, I am trying to be more balanced so I do not get burned out. Take care!

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