The New Hobby

Well, here goes… my first garden. Nevermind that I have killed every plant I ever tried to grow – I am going all out with a full garden. John has been working for the past couple of weeks, in between the rain, to plow a plot for me. I have to say that he exceeded expectations. I thought I would have a plowed patch of dirt – but wow – a fence and gate and everything (wait until you see it – pictues and video below). He got me started by planting some lettuce, cabbage and brocoli and said the rest is up to me. He has done his part.

So, now the fun begins. I have to figure out what I am going to plant. I will stick to the basics, but I really want some heirloom tomatoes so I am hoping that I can find them in plant form since I am too late to be starting seeds.

The garden is going to be all organic so I have to read up on what to do about pests, etc. Between this and my diet and running I should be a busy girl this summer.

Here are some pictures and a video:)

The video:



  1. Ted

    Thanks for the tour. John sure kept the sign a secret, because I did ask him questions about the fence and the gate when he was building it and he never mentioned the sign. It looks like he carved the letters in. Beautiful.

  2. Linda

    I finally caught up on your blog after a few busy weeks!

    I love your garden story and the video especially the happy giggle at the end – John sure did a nice job.

    Have you read on what plants grow best with other plants?

    You really had a great story on the race – I felt every moment of your race.

    Love Mom

  3. lauraph2009

    Thanks you guys!! I can’t wait for you to see the garden in person. I have done some research about companion planting and am taking my list to the garden store this weekend. It should be fun – plenty of veggies for all of us!! I love you!

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