Another Hungry Week

My ghrelin is working overtime this week. Ghrelin is the hormone that triggers the feeling of hunger. I have reduced my calories this week to try to lose a few more pounds than I have been. I am eating a lot of vegetables and other high nutrient, yet low calorie food.  Last night I was very hungry when I went to bed and I really didn’t sleep that great. So, I am sitting her now and my stomach is growing again. It is 9:00 and I really do not need to be eating anything, but I also want to sleep. I know I cannot have anything too high in carbs  this late so I am stumped. Then I remember my new favorite snack – greek yogurt. I tried plain greek yogurt in the past and did not like it – even after adding various things to it. However, I recently discovered a brand that I love “Chobani”. It does have some sugar in it so it is probably not the best, but it is full of protein and it is really satisfying.

my favorite yogurt

my favorite yogurt

So, right now while I am typing I am enjoying this delicious yogurt.

My whole food day was good – another day of healthy, clean eating. Pretty much the same menu as the whole week. I have checked on the Kashi stuff I have been eating and they are “processed” foods and probably not the greatest, but they make me happy. I am going to keep eating my two delicious waffles in the morning and my Kashi Go Lean Crunch bar in the afternoon. They help keep me on track and right now that is important. I definitely have been enjoying my salad this week with just a drizzle of olive oil and my new favorite vinegar – pomegranate red wine vinegar. This vinegar has a nice weet taste and not too “vinegary”. I love it.

Today I had two good workouts. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical at a good speed and resistance. Tonight I ran three miles. I did not run as fast as I did Tuesday night, but it felt good. I was just ready to get outside after a long, stressful day at work. I went a bit later than usual and I was happy to find that the park was not as crowded. There were plenty of people there but most of the soccer games and little league games were over, so that was nice.

Tomorrow is Friday and that means weigh-in day. I am close to meeting a milestone so it will be important for me to stay focused!


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