Happy Friday

I haven’t been this happy it was Friday in a long time. It was a crazy week, as usual, and I am tired of working so hard. How is it that day after day I am the only person who can seem to solve everyone’s problems. If I could just be left along and not have to be involved in every issue in the company I would get so much more done. The nice thing today is that my boss was off… it was almost like an actaul day off! It was nice.

So, to make the day longer I was thinking about the delicious home-made pizza that I was going to make. I made the dough this morning and let it rise then put in the the fridge. I took it out when I got home and let it sit a bit while the oven warmed-up and I got the veggies cut up. The dough turned out great. I assembled the pizzzas and popped them in the hot oven. I was a bit disappointed becuase I used the wrong pan so the crust didn’t get as crunchy as I like it. I used my insulated baking pans and it didn’t turn out at good as usual. It was still good, just not crispy. I like crispy crust.

So, today I am babbling because it is rest day. That means no workout for me. Although I probably should since I did not lose one stinking pound this week. I really do not know what that is about. I had a perfect week. Not one single cheat bit, not one extra calorie. One hour high intensity of exercise a day. Oh well. I am over worry too much about that. I have to admit that 2-3 pounds would have been nice, but I will keep plugging along. In the past I would have given up after weeks like this, but no more. I just will keep focused. It will eventually come off.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I am going to get up and go to the park and run, then go to get my plants and some manure and go garden. Tonight John gave me a Ranger driving lesson. I have ridden in it plenty of times, but never have driven it myself. It was pretty fun – I cannot say it was a smooth ride! I will get the hang of it.

We rode over to look at the garden and scope out the water supply. The closest spiket is a LONG way from the garden. It looks like I will be getting an extra workout daily as I haul buckets of water back and forth. My garden will likely die of dehydration by the time I get the water to it! Needless to say, this will be an interesting summer!


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