More Digging and Running

Today was another excellent day. Right now I am beat! I did so much today…

Right away this morning I got up to try to finish making the beds in the garden. I got all but two dug before it started raining. In on of the beds I got okra planted. The rest I just got ready to plant later this week.  The best part was filming my trip over to the garden while riding the ranger… enjoy!

After it started raining I headed home, showered and went down to Spartanburg to get my weekly Costco fix and get some tomato cages from Lowes. As usual I got plenty of stuff at Costco. Today they had wild halibut so I bought some to put on the grill tonight. I am still not a big fish fan, but it was pretty good sprinkled with some cajun seasoning.

I got home, did some wash and changed for the track. I had to put in 4 miles today. Since I don’t have  a speed plan – John gave me one… run as fast as you can, haha… My goal was to run at a 10 min mile pace. I ran 4 miles at a 10:12 pace. I had to take some walking breaks, but for the most part I was able to maintain that pace. It just about killed me! So, that is my new goal. To help achieve that goal I brought out my training plans Brian made me for the 10K and logged on to McMillan Pace Calculator site and told it I have finished a 5K in 30 mins, which I have not. I figured I would take my 10K plan and change the pace and speed times to that of the 30 min 5K finish. So, we shall see. I was writing my new times down and suddenly remembered the dreaded “1000’s”.  oh well, I will suck it up and do them, just like I did before! I just want to run fast!

More garden pictures….

watermelon seeds

watermelon seeds

Squash seeds

Squash seeds

New beds - two more to go!

New beds - two more to go!

Just another view...

Just another view...


1 Comment

  1. Linda

    You drive the Ranger like a pro. Garden looks great!

    We got our tomato plant in the hangar; we’ll see how that works. I also have some plants growing from the compost pile – one looks like a tomator plant.

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