Yoga Monday

Today was either a rest day or cross training so I kind of combined them both with some yoga. Yoga can be hard, but I found a couple of sites on the internet that have some nice videos that I followed. I ended up doing about an hour of yoga and I feel a bit looser. One site I found is A lady named Polly runs this blog and provides a series of 10 min videos. I did the videos for low back and shins and knees.

After I did those I googled “yoga for neck” and found a video on YouTube from a site called I did another half hour of various poses to stretch out my neck and shoulders. I came home with a dull headache today and this actually helped. I feel a bit taller, too, which is always nice.

On Yoga Yak there are also some guided meditations and I tried doing one for awhile, but there were such long pauses in between the “guided” part that I kept thinking the computer turned off so I kept looking at it to see if it was running. So, that kind of defeated the purpose of trying to meditate. I am just not a very good at it I guess.

So, now I am all stretched out and I am tired so I am going to get ready for bed.

I have to rest up because tomorrow is speed training. I never actually thought I would miss it, but I do. Here is the plan for tomorrow:
10 min walk warm-up
4 x 600m 3:03-3:17, w/200m in between
5 min cool down

Food was good today:

B: 4 egg whites w/salsa, 1 cup oatmeal with 1 T organic strawberry jam
S: yogurt w/one Whetbix
L: whole wheat pita, 2T hummus, big salad w/oil and vinegar
S: Kashi bar
D: 1 cup whole wheat pasta, marinara with mushrooms, spinach
S: 1 kashi waffle with a bit of peanut butter and jam ( I was starving for some reason – probably put me over my calories….)

I need to add more protein I think…. do better tomorrow.


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  1. Ted

    I see what you mean about the long pauses in the meditation. You keep thinking the computer is going into sleep mode. Definitely defeats the purpose. What they need is meditation music or at less someone going Ahmmm…

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