I forgot. How hard. It was.

SPEED TRAINING! Tonight I went to the track for my speed training. I haven’t done any speed training since 3/17 so it has been awhile. The park was crowded around the track, as usual, so I had to plot out 600 meters. I did my warm-up and found my .37 mile stretch that I would run. Just as I did when I first started out three months ago I started strong and withered away. I need to get back into the speed training mode and start pacing myself again. My goal tonight was to run the 600 meters in 3:17.  Here’s how it went:
1st lap: 3:20
2nd lap: 3:21
3rd lap: 3:34
4th lap: 3:34

If I was shooting for a 33 min 5K these would have been pretty good times. But I am shooting for a 30 min 5K so I need to work a bit more. Hopefully after a few weeks of these my body will get used to it again. I have to say that my recovery laps between these sprints were much better. I can tell that I get my breath back a lot faster than I was before. That is always a good thing!

Needless to say I am going to spend the rest of the night coughing with a bit of t tickle in my throat from breathing so hard! It was a tough, but good workout.

Thoughts on the Boston Marathon….

Not that I am comparing myself to the elite athletes of the Boston Marathon, but I was thinking how amazing it is to run just enough faster to gain those precious few seconds. For my first lap I was 3 seconds away from my goal and I was going as fast as I could for 600 meters – not even a half a mile. My pace was about a 8:30 min mile – for .37 miles.  The women in the Boston Marathon on Monday ran 26.2 miles in 2 hours and 32 minutes. (that, apparenlty, is considered a SLOW pace!!) First place (Kosgei – Kenya) beat second place (Tune – Ethiopia) by ONE SECOND and beat third (Goucher – USA) place by 9 seconds. You know that the second pace and the third place women gave it everything they had and could not pass her. Kara Goucher lost the race in the last 800 meters of the 26.2 miles. Her average pace for the race was 5:49! I cannot even run that for a fraction of a mile. They are all amazing. I was so sad for Kara Goucher – she was devasted with her third place finish. Considering this was only her second marathon though, hopefully next year she will come back even stronger.


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  1. Linda

    I can’t even imagine running 26 miles – I am just trying to get back to my walking.

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