Head for the Hills

Tonight was cross training night and I really wanted to be outside after a long day of sitting in a stuffy meeting room with 12 other people. I wanted fresh air and I didn’t really want to go anywhere or be around a bunch of people. I decided to put on my trail running shoes and head for the hills. There are a couple of medium hills by my house so I thought I would run up and down them a few times. I warmed up by walking to the first on the road behind the pond. The trusty Garmin told me the hill was 500 feet/150 meters. It is pretty steep. For some reason I envisioned myself flying up the hill effortlessly…. it was tough. It took me about 1 min 15 seconds to run up it. I felt like I was crawling. The hill is pretty consistently steep. I was sucking wind at the top and jogged down. I did that hill four times.

Then I ran to the other side of the pond road and ran up another hill that was just over 200 meters and not quite as steep. I was sucking wind and the top of that one, too. My legs were pretty tired after that since I did my speed training yesterday. I walked the rest of the way home. I will probably try to do this at least once a week. Apparently hill running is a good way to increase speed – and that is what I am after!

One the way home I stopped by the garden. Nothing has really changed. I am looking forward to getting my plants in the ground this weekend!



  1. Linda

    Good job.

    I think you will need your hose – I don’t see rain for a few days.

  2. lauraph2009

    Yes, I assembled my hose tonight!

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