Ran out of time today

Today was a long day. I had to work 8:00-7:00 and got a good bit but done despite having to sit in the meeting 4 hours this morning. It was not as dull as yesterday. I learned that adidas is a Foreign Trade Zone and that seemed to be a pretty important topic. We are now highly regulated. Apparently if the customs people come to our facility and they catch someone that is not wearing a badge then there is a $1,000 fine! WOW.

I got in a good elliptical workout at lunch. I knew I had to fit some cardio in during the day because I would get home too late to do much after work.

I got home, ate something quickly and headed to the garden. I woke up today and felt like today was the day that I had to get the plants in the ground. I was thinking about it all day. I got out there and planted them and strung out my long hose and watered them. I just about took out one of the little lettuce plants near the gate of the garden. Poor thing. I will have to put some rocks around it so that doesn’t happen again.  About a half hour into it the bugs started coming out in swarms and attacked me. So far no bites that I can see, but I will definately bring my new Burt’s Bees Bug spray!

Also, much to my displeasure I saw the bats circling around the night sky. I guess the good thing is that they were probably eating some of the bugs that were attacking me.

I was really on a rolll but ran out of time. I didn’t get the last few trays of lettuce planted or the marigolds. I really wanted to get them all in but I also didn’t want to drive the Ranger home in the dark. So I packed my my tools and cranked up the Ranger and headed home. I did have to use the lights, but it wasn’t completely dark yet. I got hit in the face a few times with things – I think  they were bugs. I guess I better get used to it!

Sorry no pictures today. I will take some tomorrow – especially of Katheryn’s fancy third place tomato plant. It is lovely!


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  1. Linda

    You are too funny with some of your remarks. I am glad you got a hose to reach and the bugs didn’t eat you up. I guess Katheryn’s plant is doing well.

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