Peppers and Geese

I had a lovely day today doing a variety of things. The day started with the race in Spartanburg that I volunteered for. I got to run the little timing machine. I was pretty fun – a beautiful day and lots of nice people around. I really like being at the finish line and cheering for the runners as they come in.

While at the race I learned of a farm supply store in Spartanburg that sells tons of garden plants. I went there after the race and I have to say it is the best farm supply store I have ever been to. Well, that’s not saying much I guess since I normally do not go to farm supply stores, but I will definitely start. This place has everything – from your standard flowers and vegetable plants to fish for ponds, chicks, plants for water gardens… I could go on and on. Most of it useless to me, but it was still neat to see all the stuff.

The best part was all the vegetables they had. Practically every type of tomato I have read about and the PEPPERS… I cannot even say how many pepper varieties there are there.., Mexican, Brazilian, Thai… more than I even knew existed. I had to resist buying too many, – what they heck would I do with 50 different types of peppers? I did buy some, you will see that in the video.

I also finished up my tomato plant shopping. I got some Romas, San Marzano and a Pink Lady – I really wanted some Amish Paste – they had the sign, but they were all out. I also got a honeydew melon, eggplant and another cucumber. They were out of sweet potatoes but they are supposed to be getting more next week.

I headed home with my new plants…. it was after 2:00 by this time. I figured if I waited longer it would cool off  – no. It was still really hot out there. I stayed out a couple of hours and got all my plants in the ground, but not much more. Digging the last two beds was out of the question. After sitting out in the sun all morning and then working for a couple of hours, I was tired of being in the sun.

I hung out in the house awhile before heading out on my run. My plan was to run 3 miles, but I did not want to go to the park. No doubt it would be crowded and I really wasn’t in the mood to dodge people for 3 miles. John has been telling me to go over to Tryon Estates – the retirement community next door has a beautiful pond with a paved loop around it. It is exactly .25 miles from my doorstep to the pond. I figured that this would be as good of time as any. I have to head down the gas line, jump over a small stream, and run through the woods before reaching the pond.  I wore my new Supernova Riot trail shoes for the adventure. I have not done a lot of running in them so I was curious to see how my feet would hold up (They did great!)

Supernova Riot - Trail running shoe

Supernova Riot - Trail running shoe

There were no people at the pond. How glorious! I had the place to myself and it was great. I felt great starting out and my shoes were so comfortable! I maintained a nice 10:30 pace around the loop.  About 3/4 of the way around this .75 mile loop I was wondering to myself why I don’t come here more often! Well, no sooner did I have this thought and it hit me….

The Geese!

I rounded a corner and came face to face with a large goose. The goose was looking at me intently and I just knew it was going to come after me. I tried to avoid eye contact. Do you walk by a goose or keep running? I figured it would be like a dog – you shouldn’t run by a dog lest you get chased. I figured the same applied to geese so I slowed down. He was on the edge of the path and my only way around him was up a steep bank. I veered off the path as he squawked at me. (Actually I could not really hear him squawk as Nelly Furtado was signing “Get Your Freak On” quite loudly in my I-Pod). BUT, I could see his beak open quite aggressively at me and I have to think a squawk was coming out.

I carried on and couldn’t bare to do another lap and pass him again. So I ventured off into the woods. At this point I still had my I-Pod on, but soon had to remove it. Jogging though the woods with music is not good because sometimes the beat of the music sounds like someone is behind me. yes, paranoid… I know. So, I turned the music off and ran, well, ran and walked. I am still too clumsy to run too much and risk falling. I did have my phone with me (thanks to my new Spibelt).

I ended up doing 2.5 miles. I should have done another small loop to log that last .5 miles, but I was hot and thirsty and I didn’t want to.  I got a heck of a workout with the trial running with the hills, etc. so I was happy. Tomorrow I am going to go to the park early (hopefully all the people will be at church) and run 5 miles.

When I got home I hopped back in the Ranger and headed over to the garden to document the progress. I love driving the Ranger – it satisfies my need to get a convertible!

Here is the progress so far:


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