It’s Tuesday again and that means speed training.  I waited until after 7:00 to head to Harmon Field and it paid off. It was crowded for a bit, but by 7:30 most were gone and I had the track to myself. Speed training is much easier on the track mentally because you know exactly where you have to run to. When I try to do speed training on the path I start losing focus while I keep checking my Garmin to see how far I have left.

Tonight I had to:
2 x 400 in 2:09-2:14 w/200 m in between
3 x 1000 in 5:44 – 6:00 w/200 m in between
cool down

I didn’t have my times at the track and I thought I had to run the 400 m in 2:45 -3:00. I have no idea where I got those times from. Thinking those were the times I was thrilled to run my 400 m in 2:30. Only when I got home did I realize that I was at leas 15 seconds off. Oh well.

The 1000’s were good. For the first one I ran it in 5:30, the second one not so good 6:20, then the last one in 5:39. During the second one I kept getting cramps in my left hamstring. I had to keep stopping and walking it out and stretching. I need to start doing a better job of stretching after my runs, becuase I have not been doing it at all. I also need to get the foam roller out. I was doing good with it but it went away with my morning workout. Now that I am sleeping in my Core Performance routine is gone. I really like doing it so I need to find some time to fit it in. There are just so many hours in the day and I am really enjoy the extra sleeping time.

I believe my run was enhanced tonight becuase of my new compression shorts. For the past couple of weeks, since it has been getting warmer, I have been suffering from some unfortunate thigh chafing. I cannot find a good pair of shorts. So, I bought some compressions shorts to wear underneath my regular shorts. They made all the difference in the world. It felt weird at first – like wearing short pantyhose under my shorts. I quickly got used to them and will keep using them.

On the garden front… still no pictures. After work everything is so rushed. I get home and start dinner then run over to start the sprinkler on the first half of the garden, come home and finish cooking and eat, run back and move the sprinkler, go to the track, go back to the garden and pull weeds and water the corners where the sprinkler doesn’t hit, then back home. The good thing is that I am probably burning a couple of hunderd extra calories a day with all of this. Especially the watering part. Since the spicket is so far away I make a point to run back and forth to it to save time.

There are many new little sprouts today! It is so exciting. The beans are coming up all over the place, there is more okra, the winter squash has made it’s first appearance and I really think I see the first signs of carrots!

My tomato plants look a yellowish green – I do not think that is good so I am going to do some research to see what they need.

Hopefully I will remember the camera tomorrow!



  1. Linda

    I think I use calories up just reading your blog.

  2. lauraph2009

    You are too funny!

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