Day off #1

Today was the first of my two days off before the weekend. I got a lot done that I have needed to do. I went running in the morning. I wish I could run in the morning about 8:00 everyday. It is nice out and not crowded. Work just keeps getting in the way! I had to do 3 miles at a 11:40 pace, according to the plan. However, about a quarter of a mile into it the Garmin went dead. I guess I need to charge the thing every once in a while. So, i just ran and listened to my podcast.

After that I went down to Spartanburg and 1) got my oil changed and tires rotated 2) got the car washed and vacuumed 3) got my hair cut and colored and 4) stocked up on a few things from Costco.

I had lunch at Jason’s Deli – it was great. They have a really nice salad bar.

Tomorrow I weigh-in and I would love to see at least 2 pounds gone. I have exercised a ton this week and ate good. You just never know.


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