This weekend I added flowers to the garden to give it some color and attract bees. Yes, I want to attract bees. I figure in addition to them pollinating my garden I will probably burn more calories while I try to avoid them all summer!






Katheryn's tomato (left) has a new neighbor - a naturtium. It is supposed to be a good companion for tomatoes.

Katheryn's tomato (left) has a new neighbor - a Nasturtium. It is supposed to be a good companion for tomatoes.

There are more flowers scattered throughout the garden, but I need more. It is like some form of addiction. I will never have enough plants!


I addition to gardening I did a bit of running this weekend. I ran 5.5 at an 11:40 pace on Saturday. I had to stop and go to the bathroom – I think the compression shorts are compressing too much (haha). Really, I do not think I can run without them anymore. I love them. Today I did 3 miles at a good pace – I do not know exactly because, once again, the Garmin died. I must have left it on after my Saturday run, but I thought it lasted pretty long. Not lately. I went today about 2:30PM,after the rain stopped. It was pretty muggy outside and I poured sweat. It was a good run. I sprinted that last 200 meters and felt really strong.

I went out running today despite my hips being a bit sore since yesterday’s run. I have never really had sore hips before. I found a bunch of good hips stretches on the internet this morning and spent about a half hour doing yoga for hips, thighs and lower back. I did feel looser after that. I also spent some time with the foam roller. That helped, too.

I have to stay focused this week. Tomorrow 4 miles, Tuesday speed, Wednesday hills and Thursday maybe 2 miles, Friday rest, Saturday race. I REALLY want to finish in 30 minutes. That is my goal – this race might be a bit premature for that goal, but I am going to try. My last 5K in February was 33:37.  A couple of weeks ago I ran 3 miles in 31 something. Since then I have put in a lot of running. Last week was a record mileage week – I logged 21.5 miles.

So, big week ahead… hopefully I will burn a lot of calories along the way, too. I wound be very happy to have another 4 pound week!


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  1. Linda

    The flowers look pretty – the rainsdo help.

    I bought another habanero and a tomato plant. I also planted my basil.

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