My last day off…

My little mini vacation is now coming to an end. Tomorrow it is back to work. I have thoroughly enjoyed being at home – too bad it doesn”t pay!  Today was pretty uneventful. I ran 4 miles this morning then headed to the garden where I pulled weeds and mulched a couple of more beds. The plants are looking good.

I did find a problem, however –  little black bugs on my green beans. I went home and looked up what they could be and it looks like Aphids. They are all over a couple of the larger bean sprouts. Since I am trying to do this organically I do not want to go out and buy insecticide. I found a recipe for a homemade solution that should combat the problem. 1 qt of water, 1 T canola oil and a couple of drops of Ivory liquid soap. I made the concoction and headed to the garden. The process involves spraying the underside and stem of each little leaf. It was quite a chore. After I finished the green beans I inspected the other plants more closely. It seems that the aphids have started attacking the okra and the black-eyed peas, too. They have, so far, left the yellow wax beans alone.

So, I hope these do not ruin my beans! I guess it will be a nightly chore spraying these little devils down.

Time for bed.


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