Wednesday already?

This week is flying by and I have nothing to show for it. Going back to work yesterday was a nightmare – full of problems from the three days I was off. I didn’t get home until close to 9:00 – I didn’t take a lunch either so clearly my speed training didn’t get done. But, that is probably just as well. My left hip, in my groin area, is still hurting. I have been taking Motrin and icing it daily.

Today work was better and I worked out on the elliptical at lunch. No running again. I really want to run that race Saturday so I will just have to see how the next couple of days feel.


The garden is doing well. The rain defininately helped. A couple of my green bean plants are gone – I guess the Aphids got to them. I am going to have to buy some insecticide. There is organic insecticide so I will try that first. I do not want to lose anymore plants.


Yes, a dog… a new dog is in the family and John is having fun calling it the “grandpuppy”. Katheryn got herself a chocolate lab puppy that she named Mollie. She is bringing it home this weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing her… Katheryn AND the puppy. Since my brother just got a dog, too, I guess they will be cousins! haha

I am going to bed early tonight.


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  1. Linda

    Cousins that is funny. I was calling Sake our grandpuppy so I guess there are two now.

    I hope the next couple days goes better for you.

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