Two more days to next challenge

In two more days my next challenge begins. I ordered P90X and it should be here Friday. On Saturday I am going to start the 13 week program. My plan is to do the program completely as written and follow it as closely as possible. I need to drop these next 40 pounds and I feel my dedication failing lately. I need another challenge. I was really enjoying the running, but my hips just have not enjoyed the last few times out. I really think if I can get the rest of the weight off the running will be much more enjoyable.

So, P90X is tough – so I hear.  Friday I will do the fit test that comes with it – a series of exercises to do before starting that will be done again after the 13 weeks is up. One of the exercises is pull-ups. I ordered the  Iron Gym pull up bar to put in the doorway and the Perfect Push-up kit – hopefully it will help me be able to do a push-up! Also before starting they suggest to take “before” pictures of your body. I will have to take them and save them somewhere top secret.

I am not sure what the diet plan consists of, but I plan on following it religiously. That may mean no free days and no alchohol, but if that is what I have to do then I will. I will learn more when the package comes on Friday.


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  1. Linda

    Good luck, I know you can do it.

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