I spent about an hour and a half today on my hands and knees weeding my garden. The excessive rain that we have been having has caused the weeds to increase exponentially. They are everywhere. I really should have documented the bucket full of weeds that I pulled from one walkway and two beds. INSANE. All the while the mosquitos were biting me (despite the application of my “natural” bug spray). The tomato plants are BEAUTIFUL. They are lush and fill and seemly pest free. I have lots of little blossoms on them and I am really excited to see the tomatoes that will grow.

I also spotted more radishes and BEETS!!  I think I will end up maybe with three beets – enough for a side dish for me and John! Maybe just me if they do not get any bigger!!

Right now I am waiting for Katheryn and Mollie to get home. They went to visit the boyfriend and I am hoping they will be home soon. Tomorrow she is leaving to go back to college and I will miss her very much!!!  (“Her” is Katheryn!) I will miss Mollie, but nothing beats having my daughter around!


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