The day before…

The day before starting P90X entails many things… a fit test, measurements, pictures…. Since John and I are both starting the program this weekend we did all of our day before stuff together (except for pictures!!!) Lucikly with my new video camera it comes with a remote contol so I was able to take my own pictures. I also discovered that when I loaded them in Picasa that you can hide folders and password-protect the folder! very nice!

The fit test went well. I could do all the tasks except pull-ups. I couldn’t even to a fraction of one!!! Pretty pitiful. Luciky the program comes with modification options for the pull-ups!

Here are the results of my fit test:
Vertical jump – 10 inches
Push-ups – 15 on knees (that was the minimum amount)
Toe touch – could touch my toes, but not past my toes
Wall sit – minimum was 60 seconds, I did 17 seconds
Bicep curl – minimum was 10 reps with 8lbs. I did 20 reps with 12 pounds – should have gone heavier
In & Outs – an ab move – minimum was 25 – that’s what I did
Heart rate maximizer – jumping jacks for 2 minutes to elevate heart rate then take heart rate again in another minute at rest and then each min after for 4 minutes. Max 170, 1 min = 130, 2 min=115, 3min = 107 4 min=97. Ideally the fitter you are the faster you heart rate will recover. Mine was much better when I was running daily!

I will spare everyone and not post my pictures or measurements!! haha

Tonight we previewed the first workout – Chest and Back. It looks tough!! I will obviously be doing the modified versions of the pull-ups – even so, it looks like a good workout.

More to come tomorrow!


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