Day 3 – can’t fully straigten my arms…

Well, needless to say I am STILL sore from the first workout! Pull-ups are NOT my friend and I will definitely be using the resistance bands next time so I am not crippled for days again. Yes, it hurts to fully straighten my arms – the inside of my elbow area hurts! So clearly I probably didn’t do the exercises correctly since the workout was for chest and back !

Today, unfortunately, was a workout for shoulders and ARMS. Tony’s mantra is “do your best and forget the rest”, so, considering I am in pain I used lighter weights and more reps.  The highest I got was 12 pounds for some of the various bicep curl sequences. I know when my arms feel better I can go a bit heavier. The workout was really good and I burned 410 calories. I will need to add more cardio on these days in the future.

Right now I am eating my best meal of the day – some cottage cheese and blueberries and drinking my recovery drink. I only at a very small dinner because I did not want to risk working out on a full stomach.

While eating I am previewing tomorrow’s “Yoga X” workout. It is 90 minutes long. It should be interesting.

Well, it is almost 9:30 and I am not the least bit tired. I think I ate my snack too late, but I was hungry. Hopefully I will not be up all night!


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