Day 5 – Legs and Back

Tonight was a good workout, but I know I will get better at it in a another time or two. I wasn’t organized starting out and I had some trouble getting my single leg squats down pat. I kept losing my balance while my leg was up on my step bench. I really need a sturdy chair – that will be my mission this weekend.  The back portion involved pull-ups so I did the option with the resistance band. I definitely need a stronger band becuase mine was too easy. Well, despite all of the issues I had tonight I still burned 640 calories! I was sweating pretty good by the end of it. I will do much better next time.

Tomorrow is Kenpo… not sure what that is but everyone on the P90X forums loves it. I am going to try to watch a bit of it tonight so I know what is going on.

On the food front I am really getting tired of eating meat and protein shakes. I am really struggling trying to get all my protein servings in during the day.

Hopefully I will sleep tonight. Last night I tossed and turned all night. My workout ended at 9:00 and then I had a snack… that didn’t help. I normally do not eat that late. I was also incredibly sore and I could not find a comfortable position.

WOW – I am a whiner tonight!!! I better just go to bed!


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  1. Linda

    You ought to be on my food intake – I am really getting sick of soft food. Things are slowly getting better except the tongue area – this is almost the worss. I can’t wait to have a salad.

    You might not be doing everything right in the exercise but at least you are trying and actually burning calories.

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