Friday – a.k.a. former free day

I used to look forward to Friday’s because it was my rest day and free day… not for 90 days. Friday is just like every other day. Tonight was Stretch X were Tony leads us through an hour of stretching. It was pretty good.

I stayed focus on the plan today despite only losing one pound this week.

I had to work until 7:00 tonight so it was long, hungry day at work. My boss invited all the managers over to his house for lunch and he had Firehouse Subs…I do not believe those are on the 90 day plan so I did what any low-carb person would… at the meat and cheese and ditched the bun, – skipped the cookies and chips. It was still yummy – Firehouse has the best meat. The only problem is that it wasn’t quiet enough to fill me up.  My smoothie for breakfast, a small protein bar for snack, Firehouse meat, and another small protein bar left me STARVING by the time I got home at 7:30. It’s my fault – I should have planned better and brought more food.

However, I had a lovely surprise when I got home… John made a really nice dinner. He made a recipe out of the P90X nutrition book…Pork Chop baked with Apple and Sweet Potato:

pork chops with apple and sweet potato

pork chops with apple and sweet potato

a close-up

a close-up

He made this with a side of peas with garlic and a salad. I wolfed down both of these pork chops! It was so good.

Tomorrow I have a  busy day planned – I hope the weather cooperates!



  1. Daughter

    wow!! Dad made dinner && he cooked PORK CHOPS??!!! strange! 🙂 I bet it sure was nice though.I wish Mollie could cook dinner for me haha I love you!

  2. lauraph2009

    I KNOW!!!! He said he ate slowly so he wouldn’t choke! It was awesome!

  3. Linda

    Howo nice – congratulations to John! It did look good.

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