Working out Wednesday

I had two really good workouts today and burned just over 1100 calories. Once again for my first workout I did intervals on the elliptical – today with two workout partners! (They had fun, too!) It was fun – I burned about 515 calories in 35 minutes. I was soaked – it was a great workout.

Tonight for P90X was Legs and Back. It is a really good workout that really keeps you moving. There are lots of different squats and lunges – not your average, everyday exercises. There is a ton of variety and the workout goes really fast. The hardest move is the wall squat!

I was so happy when it was almost over, but then realized I still had Ab X to do. That workout kills me – especially after already working out for an hour! But, I made it through and managed to burn 615 more calories.

My goal this week was to burn at least 1000 everyday, Saturday through Thursday – one more day and I did it. Tomorrow is “last chance workout” day and I am going to push hard. I want to see that scale gone down on Friday!



  1. p90xakers

    1100 Cal! Dang that’s a lot for one day. Yea legs and back is a good workout but not my fav. I know a few times I would be working out and see only 10 min left b/c I’m ready to be done then remember I had another 16 min ab workout fun fun. Anyway keep up the good work.


  2. lauraph2009

    yep, it’s all about the calorie burn for me! I probably won’t do all the extra cardio next week because today I am just wiped out. Good thing tomorrow is my “rest” day… only stretching.
    Your before and after pictures are awesome! It’s good to know all the hardwork pays off!!

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