Finish strong

I had a huge calorie burning week and I finished strong tonight with my P90X workout – Kenpo. It was a good workout, but I do not think I pushed myself as much as last week. I burned about 100 less calories than I did last week, but I just ran out of juice with all of my double workouts everyday this week. Next week I think I will skip the extra cardio on my P90X cardio days – Sunday and Thursday.

I modified my diet this week to be more in line with how I have been eating. All the extra protein last week did not sit well with me. This time I stuck within my calorie range and had two small servings of carbs a day instead of one. I figured with the extra cardio it was ok. I got in about 1200-1600 each day.

Tomorrow is my “rest” day. I have to do the P90X Stretch program… it is an hour of stretching, but it is not as bad as the hour and a half of yoga.

I did go to the garden tonight and tie up my tomato plants with strips of old tee shirt. Hopefully I secured them to the cages enough – I might need more support. The tomatoes are big and bushy, but from what I could count I already have at least 45 tomatoes!!! Unbelievable!  After this rain today who knows how many will be on there tomorrow.

I harvested 3 lovely cucumbers and more lettuce. I should have a go salad tomorrow. John and I split one of the cucumbers tonight and it was delicious – the best cucumber I ever had… I cannot wait to have enough to start sharing!

I am so tired so I am going to go to bed.


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